A-Team    Università  degli Studi di Ubino Carlo Bo
Our    team    investigates    the    human    genetic    disorder,    ataxia-telangiectasia    (A-T).    A-T    is    a    multisystem    genome instability    syndrome.    It    involves    cerebellar    degeneration    that    leads    to    progressive    neuromotor    dysfunction,        immunodeficiency,   chromosomal   instability,   cancer   predisposition,   and   acute   sensitivity   to   agents   that   induce double-strand   breaks   (DSBs)   in   the   DNA.   A–T   is   caused   by   mutations   in   the   ATM   (ATM   serine/threonine   kinase   or ataxia–telangiectasia    mutated)    gene,    which    was    cloned    in    1995.    ATM    is    located    on    human    chromosome    11 (11q22.3) and is made up of 69 exons spread across 150kb of genomic DNA. We   are   principally   focused   on   the   biomolecular   mechanism   of   action   of   dexamethasone   since   several   evidences demonstrated   its   benefit   in   patients   with   A-T,   but   also   the   overall   ATM   signaling   and   new   ATM   functions   are studied. The team: Mauro Magnani. Full professor in biochemistry link Michele Menotta Ph.D. Adjunct professor in Proteomics and Biochemical Methodologies link Anastasia Ricci Ph.D. student Federica Biancucci fellowship student Past collaborators: Sara Orazi Ph.D. Chiara Spapperi Fellowship